Danielle and Dustin

There are so many things I could say.

I could say that I've known Danielle since her nickname began as Peanut, and mine was Bubbles (don't ask). I could say that her parents always had the best food in the cupboards while we were growing up, and such a cool house that I loved going to. I could say that we graduated together, that she lent me clothes before venturing out to sea on cruise ships. I could say that she sent me the best care package ever while I was sailing the world.

Or I could just say, that I am so happy that she has found her happiness in the world.

Dustin and Danielle together have created the most beautiful baby belly. I absolutely loved photographing them in Parksville, while they were staying at Tigh-na-mara over the weekend. We toured around a few of my favorite beach areas, and wound up with these images.

Note to those of you with Allergies: there is a field in Craig Bay estates in Parksville, that will knock you senseless. Just ask Dustin, who suffered for 2 days after our session ended on Sunday. All in the name of art Dustin! You win the father to be of the year award!

Amazing Light Look at her eyes in this photo! Beautiful. This one, to me... embodies everything I believe a woman carrying and nurturing human life should look like. You go girl. Carry that baby boy, and do it with pride, not to mention staggering beauty. Such a pretty face! This one is all about beginnings. These two on the beginning of an amazing journey together. Congratulations Dustin and Danielle. Looking forward to meeting the little one!