Your Love

Warning: This post is not for the 'I hate love' or 'love sucks' among us. Kindly close the tab now, as I may gross you out with love talk here....

Maybe it was the spectacular conversation with an amazing friend that I haven't spoken with in forever. Maybe its that I haven't seen my fella in over a week (when we've never gone more than a day apart in almost 2 years). Maybe its that my soul is watery and weepy and more porous than a sponge. Possibly the country music on repeat, or maybe something about Rebecca and Steve's love for each other rubbed off on me yesterday.

Whatever it is, wherever it came from... these images make me wanna throw my arms around my gorgeous man and squeeze him forever. Yes, I'm throwing my self right out to the wolves today. Rarely do I bare this much of my heart, especially online. But today, for lack of proper self control, here you have it.

What does your love look like? How do you love? If I were to turn my camera on you, how would I see you? From the moment Rebecca and Steve were in front of me... they were just more complete together. Laughed more when they were closer. Loved freely. At times, I felt like I was truly intruding on their intimate moments. What is so beautiful about love, is how thick, how visible it can really be. It would appear, through my lens... that love actually changes the molecules in the air. Changes the vibrations in the atmosphere, in the room. When you are at a wedding, watching someone say those vows, do you not just want to hug your sweetie, and love them more.

How lucky it is to have someone who you feel so completely loved with. How incredible it is to share this journey with someone. Regardless of what that journey may be, or how many times along the way you want to stomp your feet, throw in the towel and storm off. It sure feels nice, in the middle of the tantrum to turn around and see that someone is still, despite all of your weaknesses, still standing there not giving up on you.

If the bitter among you, are scrunching your noses and gagging... I was you not very long ago, and very well may be you again one day. But that doesn't mean that I'm not going to strip all my baggage away off of my heart and try to love completely today. I'd rather live fully. Love more. Which will always give you more to loose, but I really do believe, it's worth it.

Meet Rebecca, Steve and their love.

This absolutely makes me want to hold onto my own fella