Seeing through different eyes...

I taught a photo workshop to an amazing bunch of Grade 7 students last week.  Not only was it a wonderful experience, but it was absolutely inspiring.  They were pumped.  Kids truly want to create, and given the opportunity and the fuel... they are magically unstoppable.  

I can hardly wait to see their images, which judging by the few I saw on Friday, we are all in for a wonderful treat.  I'll try to get it together to post some of their images here.  I absolutely LOVE and could not get over, how fresh and alive it all was.  We had all of the different 'cliques' of kids, all inspired and climbing trees, jumping in the air, and hanging off everything, all to create different angles and amazing images.  All they need are a few tips, and tools... and watch out, these little sponges were rockin' their cameras, and inspiring me, to stretch myself to see differently as well!

This just may be the start of an amazing venture.  I'd love to do it again... I think I just might!

Here are some of my images from our time together!