Andrea and Mike

I always worry as I drive away from each and every wedding, that I haven't taken enough images, that the photos will be just 'ok' that people won't like them. EVERY wedding. It's getting a bit old, so I never vocalize these thoughts... they are just my inner worries.

I drove away from Andrea and Mike's wedding in Nanaimo BC, confident that I had gotten everything, every detail and moment I could, but hoping that I had done their day justice. Against my better judgement, I'm just going to say it... I nailed it. Editing these photos today, made me very happy.

I believe I am in for an incredible year. With this much beauty and love and inspiration around, I can't see it any other way. Andrea and Mike, you two have chemistry that is infectious. I wish you nothing but happiness, always.

LOVE getting ready shots... In a very calm grooms hands, a flower. Are you kidding me!! A favorite ceremony moment! Andrea and her little sister, love how sweet they are together. I truly love this image of Andrea after the ceremony They are so effortless together I absolutely love this one, it looks so great BIG. (I'm thinking studio canvas for sure) A fun moment on some wild rocks! Chivalry is alive and well at Pipers Lagoon in Nanaimo Love a bride who will hike all over in her heels! And what wedding would be complete without a big sky shot?