On stillness in art

Last night, as is the same with every Monday night for the next 6 weeks... I am at meditation class. Don't judge me. I've done stranger things. I'm sure you have too...

I am after all a west coast gal. I was raised on sweat lodges and spiritual circles. I've been to a number of amazing First Nation Potlatch's and ceremonies, Buddhist ceremonies, and am not opposed to anything that heals the heart, and helps one along their journey. (more background info here) I am not a devoted 'follower' of anything or anyone. Nor do I have any problem with anyone who is, so long as its not hurting anyone, I suppose.

In any case, one thing became blindingly clear to me last night during this meditation class. (Which I was struggling to keep it together during, as my fellow "meditator" and usual partner in crime, fell asleep and banged her head on the wall, jarring everyone 'awake') What became clear to me, as the 'host' was explaining to us that during these particular meditations you should become aware of the inward flow, peace, stillness, etc... I'm not cut out for sitting in a circle meditating.

I find the easiest way to tap into my own stillness, and inward flow, is in every day, in every moment. The way the breeze catches a blade of grass as it rolls by. The way a child looks when she is totally happy. In the daily presence of each breath, in the push and pull of the tides, and beautiful blazing colorful sky do I find it incredibly effortless to connect to that inward flow. And even easier still, when I have a camera in hand.

I find this peace, and stillness in photography. For me, it feels as beautiful and natural as breathing. I would even go as far as to say, it is meditation. Here is something I found online that ties it all together nicely from Eckhart Tolle, "All true artists, whether they know it or not, create from a place of no-mind, from inner stillness." How profound and how true.

When are you truly present? Is it when you are watching your daughter and husband cuddled up reading on the couch, when you are walking your dog, playing catch with your child, making crafts with your nieces, putting together a scrapbook, singing, dancing, painting or just simply breathing? I'm pretty sure you'll find stillness among the most beautiful areas of your life. I know I do.

Here are a few images, that I found stillness in.

I'm unsure whether I'll make it through the whole set of Mondays... I'll give it a shot... but... come on! THE SKY WAS ON FIRE last night, the most amazing colors... and we were supposed to have our eyes closed!?!