I have had the immense pleasure of knowing The Richardson family for, forever.

June 2000 I photographed the safe and happy arrival of a little gem named Brooklynne, April 2003 I photographed her parents, Kristie and Jason's wedding, here in Campbell River. These are not every day ordinary human beings. They are extraordinary.

When Kristie contacted me she was pregnant with their second baby, we decided on some studio images some time in March. The email I received in March, was both moving and beautiful. Kristie and I have decided to share some of Noah's life here with you, as she says "it might be a good example for your viewers showing, that everyone has their own beauty." (I couldn't agree more)

Noah was born with Down Syndrome. One of the most heartfelt emails I have ever received was the one from Kristie explaining some of the circumstances surrounding his arrival. She says,

"Our son, Noah Ross Richardson, was born on March 2 at 12:33pm. He weighed a whopping 9 pounds 2.4 ounces and was 21 inches long. Now I am ready to tell you that Noah does have Down Syndrome. He has many, many positive things going for him in that his heart is very healthy, he is very big and alert, and is very responsive to all of us. I am just learning about all of this myself, but the doctors tell us this is already good news for Noah. There will not be any way of telling the severity of his developmental issues until he grows and gets older. All I can tell you is that he is a beautiful, healthy boy that will have some special needs, and Jason and I are fully prepared to help him conquer all of those challenges. He is our son and we are very, very proud of him."

If that doesn't rock your soul, nothing will. "He is our son and we are very, very proud of him." Beautiful. Kristie, Jason and Brooklynne, you are all absolutely what true love is all about. It chokes me up, puts giant tears in my eyes. Your strength, acceptance and understanding are nothing short of spectacular. I love that you view it as "He chose us to be his parents because he knew we would love him no matter what--and we do. We are so lucky to have him in our lives and we wouldn't trade him for anything in this world."

One of my deepest pleasures comes from seeing beauty everywhere, in everyone. It doesn't take you long, to notice that Noah is perfect. He has such calm and loving energy, I could have photographed him for hours.

I am honored The Richardson's chose me to photograph them along their journeys and can only hope that you all have people in your lives that move you to tears and inspire you to be better as well. After all, we are all so fragile, trying to get through our own little lives. Go easy on each other. Be amazing.

Welcome to the world, little man. I look forward to photographing you again and again!