Memory Lane

Having been shooting photos happily all day in 2007 at Lindsay and Peter's wedding, I was tired. I walked over to where Bryce was standing, and laid my head on his chest, like I had been doing it every day for years. Except, I hadn't. I snapped out of it... and we just stared at each other and laughed... Peter nudging me, "yup, sparks are flying". I felt like everyone one was on to us, although neither of us seemed to have caught on yet.

Bryce and I have known each other since forever. High school sweethearts if you will. Somewhat like magnets we have always been drawn to each other. We had both been following our own paths, him chasing after an amazing hockey career, myself somewhat of a pirate sailing the globe as a photographer with Princess Cruises. Both being raised in Campbell River, we always wound up in the same circles. So it was no surprise that a few years ago at Lindsay and Peter's Campbell River wedding we were again found at the same place at the same time. This time was different however, neither of us were leaving again. Both single. We had both decided to stay put in our home town, at the same time. Sometimes timing really is everything.

In any case Peter's premonition on his wedding day was right, and here Bryce and I are with a house, a puppy and building a studio/suite in the back yard. Life is wild like that.

As for Lindsay and Peter, having known them both for so long, and watching them become the warm and loving couple that they are, I was honored to not only photograph their wedding and family photos, but also their maternity photos. Here are a few of my favorites from their session. The light was beautiful, their dog Mackenzie HILARIOUS, and watching them through my lens, couldn't help but smile.

Here is one of my favorites from their wedding a few years ago. A groom swings his bride around The happy couple and I, Look at them now!! Love them all wrapped up here Beautiful people in a Beautiful British Columbia Love this one of Lindsay Their dog Mackenzie was truly hysterical, popping in and out of the photos whenever he felt like it! Can't wait to meet the little one, so very soon! Love you guys!