Jana + Craig= Shea!!!

Well, I've come out of hiding... or partially. I am still enjoying some "me" (and puppy) time. Going for walks, day treks with my fellas (Bryce and Frank) and just really getting myself all back together in preparation for another "busy" season. Which begins in March this year.

In any case, I'm not really back shooting yet. I am only taking on about one shoot per week until March. I really need to or else, I fear my creative juices will run dry... leaving me without anything to offer my clients, and that would be awful.

So, I'm re-grouping. I have shut the Willow Point studio doors, and am only doing studio shoots that were booked before the holidays, in my home. We are in the very beginning stages of building our own studio in our own yard. I will keep you posted on that as we move along with that.

In the meantime, here is beautiful Jana, her husband Craig, and their amazing little boy Shea. Congratulations you guys, he is such a LOVE BUG!!!

Off to answer emails, phone calls, re-design wedding packages, business cards and write up wedding contracts, and then eventually clean my house... yah, that's my "me" time. More soon...