Memoirs of a Wedding Photographer "2008"

Is it possible that an entire year has breezed past us again?Apparently so. I find it incredibly hard to believe that in just 4 months, I have been involved with thirty couples getting married in Campbell River, and all over Vancouver Island. THIRTY. To think that about three years ago I would start off with five booked weddings. Four years ago, I had two... and now, Thirty.

To all of my 2008 love infused couples, you swept me off my feet, inspired me, challenged me and trusted me, none of which, I take for granted! Each wedding, more love, more emotion, deep breaths, life choices, heartfelt speeches, juicy happy tears,and all incredibly unique moments. I am honored. Always. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

I am actually a bit overwhelmed at the task of choosing only a few... so there may be more than a few!

Consider these images, my personal memoirs from 2008... I can barely contain my excitement at having a whole new year, the ol' blank canvas... to create as much art as humanly possible. Let's pour our whole souls out this year people! Why not!!! Here's hoping that these images make you smile, inspire you, stir emotion, or even brighten your day.

Bring on 2009!