For all mothers....

O.K. First of all. Puppy training has quickly become my morning noon and night.

Bryce has named the little fella Frank or Frankie, and what a character. He certainly loves to please! He'll walk right up to you and sit. Just sit down and tilt his little head and look at you. What a little charmer!

In the 3 days he's been with us, one thing has become clear. I have no idea how mothers of real people do it. No clue. I have never had to take care of anything other than myself (although I do run a business and often hang out with friends children). So this will be a giant learning curve, or series of.

I wish to take this opportunity to just let all of you mothers out there know, that you truly are amazing. The amount of courage, patience, love, creativity, energy and pure strength it must take, to wake up daily and know that you are raising a human being... someone you hope to be a positive influence in the world. Someone who will hopefully be kind, caring and loving. Someone who not intentionally hurt people, donate money to charity, and think beyond themselves. Every single day must have an underlying current that the good values, morals and lessons you've taught your children stick and translate into wonderful people.

You mothers out there, amaze me. Heather, with your 3 children, Great Dane, 2 cats and fish... honestly... HOW DO YOU MANAGE?! Maritte with your 2 year old, newborn and dog!! Suzanne, with your 2 kids... Sarah with TWINS! What kind of humans are you? Super humans. It's decided.

In any case, I get it... in some small way, I officially get it. (I'm sure one day, I'll get it even more) But for now, Bryce and I are trying to raise a good, happy, healthy pup. Wish me luck... Thanks for stopping by... more people photos soon I promise.