Christina and Darcy Mayan Magic....

It is a beautifully stormy day today... and while listening to the wind howl through my windows, and rain exploding out of the sky, I've decided that it is time to share Christina and Darcy's wedding photos. We were in the Mexican Riviera, engulfed with lovely humid air and sticky sweaty heat. It was a beautiful sunny day, everything was perfect.

I often question what I do as a photographer. Do I just take pictures, or is it art? Do I capture moments, tell stories, do I make photographs, or take them... or is the camera just an extension of me, a vehicle for me to express the beauty I see in nearly every single moment. I believe the answer lies somewhere amongst all of the above. I just see beauty. Everywhere, and at times its so overwhelming, I just want to stop it, freeze it, package it all up and keep it forever... and before I know it, I'm releasing the shutter of my camera, trying to do just that.

I want you to see it too, feel it, and the closest way I've found to connecting with people I barely know, is to show them how beautiful, honest, brave, soulful, joyous, loving, creative, magical and amazing I see them as being, through my images. I'm so grateful that you take the time to swing by for a look at how I view the world. I've heard it said, that a photographer puts themselves in every image they take, each photo a reflection of how they see the world. I feel there may be some truth to that.

This is how I saw Christina and Darcy's wedding last weekend. A few images that I feel reflect the beautiful simplicity of their day. What an honor it was to be flown to Mexico, forced to drink margaritas, spend a week with, and photograph Christina and Darcy's wedding.

May you see beauty everywhere.