Bring on the sunshine!!!

Yes, I'm leaving in the morning for Mexico. Woe is me. In skipping town for a while, I'm also saying goodbye to October. Vancouver Island Photography is certainly beautiful in the fall, however I noticed this morning that the stunning fall leaves have officially "fallen" and are actually all over my lawn. With October over, I realize that I have been hording all of my October family sessions... and thought I would leave you all with a massive update from my October shoots.

I'm really looking forward to a bit of r and r, and also a few margaritas. In any case, here is more or less what October looked like.

In the studio..... we are quickly and humbly reminded, that there is great beauty in growing babies... beautifully pregnant blanck and white

And that those beautiful bellies, produce the most amazing little packages.

To very grateful parents,

I was swept off my feet by small people...

Makenzie with her amazing smile Taylor with her giant heart and amazing laughter Colbie with her adorable face and her toe eating talents...

Outside, I was witness a lot of family magic, the kind only created with love and More love... and a splash of joy.... What beautiful children!! And last but not least...I was smitten with Nolan.... This will hopefully be along the lines of how I'll be for the next week basking in the sun in Mexico! Have a fabulous weekend, and week, and another weekend! I look forward to sharing images with you, upon my return!