Kim and James could use your help...

Many of you expressed a sincere impact that the photos from Kim and James Wedding had on you. They may have a bit more when you learn of the past 2 weeks events. Kims sister Tara has started a blog to keep us updated on James' condition and progress. This is a bit from Tara's blog...

"On Thursday September 25th at three in the morning, James and his band mates were in a tragic car accident near Brandon, Manitoba. James and his band (The Hotel Lobbyists) were following their dream of touring across Canada, and were only a few days from arriving back home in Vancouver. It was a terrible accident that resulted in the unfathomable loss of their drummer and close friend, Mike Gurr. The accident involved only their van which went off the road and rolled. James was thrown from the vehicle and has been fighting for his life ever since. He is in ICU at the Winnipeg Health Sciences Centre. Kim, his mother, father, sister, and my mom are all in Winnipeg with him."

You can read more about James' condition here...

Kim has spent most of her life in and out of hospital with Cystic Fibrosis. She is such a pillar of strength, love and compassion... and takes nothing for granted. To give you an idea about the kind of human being that James is... he organized and created an entire music festival with all proceeds going directly to Cystic Fibrosis. These two are not ordinary people, and most certainly didn't see all of this coming.

It is all incredibly sad, and tragic and even depressing that these things can happen to such wonderful people... but the good news is.... we can help them.

DONATIONS AND CONTRIBUTIONS to helping these two amazing people pay rent, bills and help them pull through this (when they eventually WILL) can be made with the following information from Tara Black.

"A number of people have asked where they can send money to help - which is so tremendously generous. There has been a trust fund set up through the Royal Bank - you can contribute through any Royal Bank, and have it sent in the courier bag to: James and Kim Wood, Brooks Landing Branch, Nanaimo, Transit #3160, Att Sue Gibson.

Or if you would prefer, you're more than welcome to send a cheque to me (Tara Black), made out to Kim Black that I will get to her. My address is 1003 - 2041 Bellwood Avenue, Burnaby, BC, V5B 4V5. "

Thank you to any or all of you who contribute to these two.

Betcha wont be complaining about your thighs, or nasal congestion or jeans being too tight today huh. I know I wont.

Life is so fragile. Lets help Kim and James through this.