Beauty in Bellies

Well here we have one of my favorite families. Ever. I have known Maritte since before I was able to walk. We have gone through many firsts together... first steps, first grade, first peeing of pants due to hysterical laughter, first loves, first BAD breakups, first traveling experiences.... She in fact isn't even a friend... she is family. She has been on more Wallis family roadtrips than anyone aught to, she gets all the really bad inside jokes, we know the same silly songs, I think she even held my baby sister before me (urg)... and according to my brother, she was way more fun to play with than me.

So, to my delight, on her wedding day (where I was not only her Maid of Honor, but also her photographer)... she married another very good friend of mine... (in fact, I introduced them when I told her 'husband to be' Eduardo, that Maritte would be walking down with us for our high school graduation) Eduardo has always been a wonderful friend to me, and in fact, we treat each other more like siblings than friends... Maritte has given up on trying to get us not to fight... we tend to be at each other frequently... But I love him like a brother none the less.

Fast forward to the birth of their first child. I was working away with Princess Cruises, bobbing around the seas, attempting to quiet my restless pirate heart... Maritte was due soon.... I knew that... I was having pain.... cramping... couldn't stop thinking about Maritte.. I looked at a friend on board the ship... 'My friend Marittey is having her baby', and she was... right at that very time. I felt so far away, yet still so purely connected to her and her family.

I couldn't be happier to be able to be here, and capture these maternity memories with them, and really look forward to meeting the newest addition to this love fueled wild bunch. I love you all so very much. ox Eduardo took this photo of Leola and I (which I love) I do not believe you can NOT love this face! and then we headed out for some outdoorsy fun images... I love this image. Just giving mom some snuggles And who can resist the run away shot... look at her little legs!!!