Introducing Joanne and Tom

Canadiana RomanceWell, I'm running behind this morning for what should be a SUPER fun shoot, out on the water (more details to come later) then photos of twins, then a newborn, and then another family tonight... and I've just moved into a new home... (which is awesome). And I'm so very behind on editing, and getting out wedding packages, and family discs... (what I need is my fabulous assistant Shannon to quit school and come back to help me) But for now, I will avoid what needs to be done, and do what I feel inspired to do, and that is.... share some of Tom and Joanne with you.

What an amazing couple.

We first met in Courtenay, along 5th street for their engagement session a few months ago...(see image above) and I fell in love with them.  They were (are) highschool sweethearts and just work so well together...

Their wedding party was certainly wild and energized, and riding in the 'party' bus with them proved to be rather entertaining.... All in all, an amazing day.

Here are a few of my favorites from their beautiful wedding in Victoria.