Quite the Entrance...

Heather chose a rather dramatic entrance to her 08-08-08 wedding!!! The crowd cheered as they figured out that the bride was coming out of the noisy helicopter that had hovered overhead... such a blast! I couldn't have hoped for a more wonderful couple to share such a magic day with. In fact, it was the same magic day that my fella and I got an accepted offer on an amazing new home...(more to come when/if deal is solidified....)

Heather is just.... soooo....... lovely. She is a beautifully scripted open book... her heart waving around on her sleeve.... her face, hides nothing. You can see her, standing calm... and then its as if you can actually see her thoughts, as her face changes into a fabulously massive smile explosion... her eyes light up, her arms start shaking, and she is making happy little squeeks. Heather is someone you want to be around. I hadn't met Dan before, and loved that when I arrived over at April Point, for their soulful ceremony Dan stood smiling, waving me over when he caught sight of the over sized cameras. Dan is full of joy.

Everything was wonderful. After the ceremony we snuck off to create some images at Rebecca Spit, on the back side of Quadra Island. Check out the beautiful details of Heathers "Ophelia" dress. What a fabulous couple. What an incredible day.... I'm honored to have been chosen to be there with you two! May you always have all things magic.

Three gorgeously troublesome flower girls made my job VERY entertaining!!!

This was a tear jerking moment, you can see Dans mom in the background hands over her mouth.. amazed, overwhelmed.

I love the look on Heathers face.

The newlyweds!


This may be my favorite