Natalie and John

Blue skies. Ocean views. Loving parents. Supportive, amusing, helpful, friends. Big hearts and a LOT of energy. Natalie and John were married in a friends backyard, overlooking the sea. My fabulous assistant Shannon and I arrived at Natalie's Dads house Sunday August 3, eager to create some amazing images with them. We were greeted with a giant ray of sunshine (Nat) on the patio waving wildly and yelling, 'I'm so excited you are here!!! Come up, come up!!!' (MOST CERTAINLY NOT BRIDEZILLA)

The dress, unique. The hair, perfect. The bride... full of life. Just how we like them!! The ceremony was small, simple and beautiful. The groom was collected, handsome and ready for anything. The bridal party was awesome (until the cooler was empty... then photo time came to a gradual ending). We headed back to the Maritime Heritage Center where Natalie had really outdone herself with the decorations. The chocolate browns and lime green, with splashes of white, screamed PERFECT. The speeches... I laughed, I cried, I laughed and then laughed more. Natalie and John I couldn't be happier for you both, and loved every moment of your incredible wedding. Thank you for having me there with you!