Katy and Reigan

It was an amazing day, and consequently I think we created some amazing images, the first one above here, may just be my favorite wedding image I've taken, ever. Not only do these two share a deep, spiritual bond together, but everyone around them, supports, loves and is just so genuinely 'there' for them. It truly was a beautiful event to witness.

The first thing that floored me was the intricate detail that Katy had personally created with each centerpiece. Each centerpiece was themed with a special person in their lives, along with a bit of writing about that person as well. It was emotional, thoughtful, and incredibly touching (don't be silly, of course I cried). A bit of rain as the ceremony was to begin, only brought out good use for a few glorious umbrella shots, and really... whats a little rain?!

I believe that the only people that weren't from out of town were Katy's wonderful grandparents... and everybody else was from ALL over, and as far away as New Zealand. That always says a lot though, that people will travel so far for the sake of two people... you know, that they must be special.

Katy was absolutely radiant, and is someone that you just want to be around more. Reigan, more reserved at first... (at first) and then just so genuine and caring, you just want to get to know more.

Everyone, everything, every moment. Beautiful. I am so honored to have been chosen to capture these timeless memories for you and your family. May the two of you have nothing but love. Always. Out came the sun and dried up all the rain.... And of course the boys... Could easily become another all time favorite. "Katy and the Light"