When High School Ends

Campbell River GradsGirlfriends.

I'm not talking about the kind that come and go, the kind that you're kinda/sorta friends with... I'm talking about the kind of friends that you'll hold a certain bond with until, forever.

For my lil sisters grad present I couldn't think of anything better than to put Kaylee and her pals in their grad dresses and let them loose in a field! I had a vision of just that a few years ago, and thought it would be a perfect way to commemorate the beauty of their friendship, and to wrap up their high school days together.

However, I didn't realize that I was going to well up with tears while watching them all out there in the field, laughing, twirling, hugging, and being 18. It was for a number or reasons but mainly because I can relate, we all can... when something we love... comes to an end. With everything in life being so impermanent, I find it incredibly beautiful to think that these girls, bursting with youth and joy, and excitement for what their futures hold, will be able to look back on these photos one day... and think about what an incredible time in their lives it was.

What I was witnessing through my camera lens last Sunday night, was that high school had just ended for these girls, who have grown up together, who have shared ice cream and tears together. They have endured memorable teachers, hysterically funny moments, concerts, and even formed an undefeated dodge ball team (well ok not undefeated). These girls have curled each others hair, spent hours obsessing about relationships (with fellas, with parents, with teachers) they've comforted each other during times of loss, and sadness. They've been each others best friends since grade seven... and now, high school is over. Just like they never thought it would be.

So with happy/sad tears in my eyes, I photographed them being friends, none really knowing where their lives will take them, or how near or far away. I saw them being so beautifully pure, and only hope that they are able to bring that same joy and passion for life with them always.

Ladies, may you always carry sunshine right along with you. I wish you nothing but joy. Campbell River Grads jumping in field

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