Tara and Mike

I knew from the first meeting with Tara and Mike that amazing images/experiences were in store. I met up with everyone at The English Inn in Esquimalt, (which is not only beautiful, but incredibly charming as well!) The building is old, and creaky, yet beautifully modern as well... We put Tara in her dress immediately and everything flowed so perfectly from there.

It's not uncommon for me to get emotional during ceremonies or speeches, I'm just that kind of gal... but this was ridiculous... maybe it was the way each bridesmaid had nothing but absolute love for Tara, maybe it was the groom AND groomsmen with tears in their eyes... maybe it was the music, perhaps the way Tara's dad took her hand when they were about to walk down, whatever it was, I had tears rolling down my cheeks (more than once) With each moment in life so fleeting, I just feel so incredibly honored to be given the chance to capture split seconds of love, joy, and all things beautiful... There are moments when I am overwhelmed with beauty and emotion and this was one of them.

Tara and Mike wanted a variety of images, and gave me so much time to create them! I was in creative heaven, with images @ Beacon Hill Park, Ogden Point and along the way from Esquimalt I also tucked away the possibility of using the old train station for some images too (should the bride and groom comply) and much to my utter delight... they not only agreed but were beyond my wildest imagination with "we'll do anything"... They were both dirty after climbing onto teeny tiny ledges against dirty garage doors (which created some hilarious out-takes as well)

While at Beacon Hill Park another interesting thing happened, I noticed that I wasn't choosing locations that I later saw other photographers shooting weddings at... I was far off the beaten track and was down in behind washrooms and all sorts of weird places? Why do I do that? I truly can not explain it... Inspiration is a strange thing, and at the time I just go with it. I love the idea that 20 different wedding photographers can be at work in the same town, and we all come out with different images, locations and end results. I used to love that about working on cruise ships with 15 other photographers on any given ship... we could all be in the same country, same tour even and every one of us would see something different, create images completely diverse in feeling/lighting/composition... I came across this quote a few months ago,

"You have no competition because there is only ONE of you on this earth. Embrace that fact and let it carry you in your art, your business, and your confidence!" -- Mike Colon, Photographer.

After my time was up with Tara and Mike it was on to the reception at the Fireside Grill in West Saanich. Another stunning location! Where the guests were all smiling, and the decor nothing short of amazing. When I was finished up for the evening, saying goodnight to Tara was ... EMOTIONAL! We both, like silly schoolgirls, had tears in our eyes. Everything was just so perfect, and I was so honored to have been such a special part of their magical day.

Congratulations Tara and Mike, and may all of your days be as magical as Saturday was! (p.s... there are A LOT of images that follow... I COULD NOT CHOOSE)

At Ogden Point, Boys will..... At Beacon Hill Park And then... the Abandoned Train Station The aftermath of our time scaling walls... And what shoot would be complete without a train track walk...