So what else is new?

I recently had someone say to me... 'well you must have so much time off during the week, really you only work weddings on the weekends'... If only that were true.On that note, I thought I'd share with you all what my weeks look like...

I shoot weddings Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Monday is my day off (which I always spend editing and answering emails), Tuesday/Wednesday I shoot family sessions, Thursday I edit, answer emails, send out contracts and answer phone messages, which takes me back to Friday... hey.... right back at weddings.

I love every moment of it... but I am a bit busy.

In saying that, I am fully booked until end of September. I am currently taking bookings for October. But a pre-warning I am taking most of November and all of December off. (by time off, I mean not shooting, I'll still be organizing my life, updating brochures, wedding albums, websites, etc) I feel it is entirely necessary, so that I can continue to produce quality work. I need some time to recharge my batteries, and gather up all of my creative energy, and quite honestly just relax (oooh and shoot a wedding in the Mexican Riviera!!!!) I realize that many of you may be interested in Christmas Presents and gifts of the photographic nature... so I am urging you to book now, or forever hold your peace (until after the holidays).

As for the rest of the summer, I will summon up all of the creative muses of the west coast, and keep working away.

I love all of you reading my blog, and am so excited to have such a warm response from so many of you about my shoots/weddings and daily happenings. You are all truly wonderful! I am so incredibly grateful to be given the opportunity to meet/connect and photograph so many inspiring families, and so many amazing milestones in peoples lives. I truly wouldn't have it any other way. What happend in July??? Beautiful people, perfect moments I'd like to share a few of my favorites!

Beginning with Marlo and company... Shelly's renewal of vows.... Paulas clan... Travis, Michelle and girls. Ryan, Lisa and Rhianna. Darcy and crew. Kims backyard babes And who can resist Preslee. Don't be afraid to leave comments!!! Let me know what you think!!!