Susan and Dave

Feet on rocks reflecting in waterWhen Susan and Dave pulled up for their engagement session... Susan was doing a shot of fireball.Now, thats my kind of gal. "Taking the edge off" as she so eloquently put it! This wonderful couple met by chance, by fate, and I believe on a bike trail on a vacation? (correct me Susan if I'm wrong). In any case, Susans 'girls' weekend, quickly turned into being a bit more about Dave. Everywhere Susan and Dave go... you're sure to find their awesome duo dog team... Mango and Chutney. Chutney has been with Susan for 9 amazing years!!! (He's the little black one, thats more like a human than some humans I know) Mango is just pretty, and both are wonderful additions to their photos.

These two (disgustingly happy) love birds will be married at April Point this summer, and I can barely wait to photograph this wedding!!! Going along with the way the session started, we ventured to Freddie's Pub along the water to polish off the evening with Tequila Caesars and Wings. (ROUGH LIFE) I absolutely can NOT wait to see Susan in her dress!!! Stay tuned for images from their August 1st wedding. Mango and Chutney join in beach loving in Campbell Riverdave and susanloving and laughingLiterally on the water in Campbell RiverDave kisses Susan