She Graduated.

I am coming back to earth. Slowly. After a very busy weekend.

The weekend began with my baby sisters graduation.

The same baby sister that I held for the first time two days before my 11th birthday. The same one I used to 'baby dance' in front of the fish tank to get her to stop crying, the same one I used to sing baby beluga to RELENTLESSLY in more efforts to quiet her active vocal chords.

She was born with a perfect diamond of peach fuzz on her forehead. She hated when I french braided her hair (which was often) She did not like car rides, she was my favorite side kick. She cried for a month, and ripped my heart out when I left to work with Princess Cruises. She is the most sensitive human being I know. She has the bluest eyes, the biggest heart and has incredible dance moves. She brings laughter, joy and life to all of those around her (when she has had enough sleep) and is my favorite 18 year old ever.

18. Graduating.

Her grad just made me cherish all of our 18 years of memories together, and look forward to many, many more.

I am incredibly grateful to see that my baby sister has grown into a wise, energized, comical, loving and kind human being (truth be known, she has been all of these things all along).

Congratulations Kaylee Marie! I love you more than anything. My baby Sis and I