Boys and Dogs

a boy and his dog play at the lakeHe's loved dogs since... forever. Loved our dog Brandy that accidentally bit a little girl, and wound up on a 'farm'... has begged for more family dogs ever after... no one would get him a dog.

He moved back to the Vancouver Island from far away baseball playing shores... and that's when it started. The obsessive dog talk. Suddenly, he had the entire family convinced that we needed to buy a dog for our mom. I was apprehensive, as my mom had clearly stated that she did NOT want a dog. He was most certain, that she was delusional and really did want one.

He called me daily with dog finds, he texted me with every new breed, new location, new idea... he finally succeeded in convincing mom she wanted a dog. "ok" she said more confused than anything. He found the perfect dog.... he was going to get it for her... the phone calls stopped... no more texts... where did he go? Everyone thought he must have given up. I knew, however, that it was never about getting mom a dog. But more about filling a childhood dream, of a boy and his dog.

A week later, I got the call. He had driven to Gold River from Nanaimo (directly past our family home in Campbell River, Vancouver Island) picked out "Digsy" and knew instantly that he would NOT be dropping him off in Campbell River, but keeping him forever.

That's the thing about boys and dogs, sometimes, it just makes sense for them to be together. boy kisses dog