Seussical The Musical!

my sister singing in Seussical The MusicalThe last few weeks, my baby sister (who at 18 is no longer a baby) has been a part of an incredible musical theatre performance "Seussical" The musical is based on a series of Dr.Seuss stories, and is charged with quirky characters, vibrant colors and lots of fun!

Who knew that a handful of high school students, and a few choice teachers could create such magic. Auditions started in September 2007, with approximately 50 students trying out for only 19 spots. The chosen 19 practiced 3 times a week for the following 6 months, twice weekly for choreography, once weekly for vocals. All of their dedication, certainly paid off!

Thursday night, I took my two nieces to the performance. At ages 8 and 5, I was really hoping they would be able to make it through without getting bored, or falling asleep! Near the end of the performance, the youngest looked up at me with a look of dread... "is it almost over" I thought "oh no, they didn't like it" then she said... "I don't want it to end!!!" ahhh, it was a success. You know you've done something special when a 5 year old can sit on the edge of her seat, singing along to songs she's never heard. You know you've got a hit when an 8 yr old comes out saying... "Auntie Erin, I think they are right... when they sang that song that said... think how lucky you are.. we are really lucky, aren't we." We most certainly are!

I can promise you, that my high school grad class could have never pulled something like this off.

The shows were sold out for their 6 performances, with 176 seats each night! I believe they could have sold out for another few weeks. You could feel and see the amount of hard work, dedication, passion and heart everyone had for the project. What an amazing, talented and creative group of kids. What a wonderful performance. I cant stop thinking that in a world of instant messages, and instant gratification... how blessed we are that there are still incredibly talented human beings out there, willing to work hard and share their gifts with us all. How lucky we are.

Thank you to everyone involved and for Timberline for putting on such a wonderful performance, and for letting me see my baby sisters theatrical talents soar! Cat in the hat dancing onstageCat places Hat on JojoGertrude McFuzz gets her tail pluckedGertrude singing her songGertrude trying to hear the WhosYurtle sings with Cat holding micthe finale of Seussical the Musical